Mrs Owen's group

Mrs Owen’s group


Put your spellings into a 150 word short story about a diamond theft. It can be based in a fairy tale land, on true life, in a historical / future setting – in fact, in any way you’d like to write it and present it.

They have been given lots of ideas for imaginative ways to start their story and how to present it: preparing a net for a cube and using the cube to present their story by writing 25 words on each face, letters in bottles; and stories in ring boxes.

Success criteria: I can use: full stops and capital letters

Go further:, in a list ! ?.                       

Basic Expectations – presentation, handwriting, spelling, punctuation  

Note to parents:

These homophones keep getting misspelt and used incorrectly when the children are writing. Constant rehearsal of using them in their writing will help to make these spellings ‘stick’.

Only two children brought in their completed their homework this week. Please ensure that your child completes their homework AND brings it in to school on Thursdays.

They have A4 ringbinder folders to transport their work in. Some work is on display in our classroom so won't be in their folders as yet.

1.    they’re /their/ there

2.   diamond

3.   thief

4.   steal / steel

5.   where /were/we’re

6.   doesn’t

7.   doze

8.   detective

9.   wouldn’t

10.  couldn’t

11.   know / no

12.  new / knew

13.  night / knight

14.  shouldn’t

15.  because

16.  although

17.  should’ve

18.  could’ve

19.  break / brake

20. broken

Year 2 Mrs Owen's group's spellings and homework

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling


Complete comprehension questions about ‘Gorilla,’ by Anthony Browne, using full sentences, cursive handwriting and using emotive language – SAD is banned. Use a thesaurus to help you at home.

Last two are your own common spelling error choices.

Basic Expectations – presentation, handwriting, spelling, punctuation   

1.   does

2.  doesn’t

3.  friend

4.  people

5.  their

6.  there

7.  they’re

8.  which

9.  ready

10. frown

11.  shout

12. scrounge

13. bounce

14. slouch

15. trounce

16. grouse

17. prowl

18. scowl



Mrs Owen's group 10.01.19

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling and homework - to be handed in on 17.01.19


Write a fact file about a wild animal or a domestic animal, writing at least three sentences for each section including:




Success criteria: I can use: full stops and capital letters

Go further:, in a list ! ? .  ( ) and use of conjunctions - but, because, while, although             

Basic Expectations – presentation, handwriting, spelling, punctuation   

You may use a computer to present your report - no copying and pasting, please.

1.   cauliflower

2.  hopeless

3.  crouch

4.  silly

5.  sillier

6.  silliest

7.  bow

8.  bowed

9.  polite

10. politely

11.  gather

12. gathered

13. people

14. frown

15. frowned

16. howl

17. drown

18. nightgown

19. cellar

20.            hopeless