W/B 1.4.19

In Maths, we have started to learn about fractions. Children work together to practically represent a range of fractions.




In Art, children painted their own coastal background using a range of colours. Can you name a coast in the UK?



In Science, children continued to explore solids, liquids and gases. Using paint can children represent each state of matter? Can you name a solid that can be turned into a liquid and a gas?






Miss Hussain :-)

Melting Chocolate

In Science our focus is ‘The Changing State of Matter’.


Year 2 received a message from Cadbury’s to test the best chocolate for their new product (chocolate saucers). Children had to investigate which chocolate would be best suited for chocolate saucers. The three chocolates that children tested were white, milk and dark chocolate.








White chocolate took 21 seconds to melt. Why did the white chocolate melt the fastest?


Miss Hussain :-)