Spellings 28.4.17



Suffixes -ness,ly,ment.

Can you find any more words with these endings?


  1. sadness
  2. amaze
  3. hope
  4. kind
  5. happy
  6. complete


  1. amazement
  2. treatment
  3. hopeful
  4. thoughtless
  5. kindness
  6. amazingly
  7. happily
  8. completely

Amazing Assembly

 Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for coming to see our class assembly this morning.

We had a wonderful, enjoyable and super time learning our lines!

We really liked acting, dancing and listening to some new music.

Mrs Perry is super proud of everyone in the class. Great team work!

Thank you once again,

From year 2 children and Mrs Perry.

PS. If you have any photos would you please email them to Mrs Perry and we will blog a few next week.

Spellings. 31.3.17

Did                                     nineteen                         experience

Man                                  fourteen                          different

Going                               nine                                    difficult

Where                           month                                disappear

Would                            August                              enough

Or                                   March

Push                             another

Pull                             breathe

Seaside                       business



Year 2 Spellings 17.3.17


   Spellings 17.3.17
  1. I'll
  2. You’ll
  3. He’ll
  4. We’ll
  5. It’s
  6. Wouldn’t
  7. Couldn’t
  8. Shouldn’t
  9. Haven’t
  10. You’d                   

Please help children to use these contraction spellings on their task sheet. They will have these same words to be tested on Thursday 21st March.

 I have a few more Science photos to share with you all.

AYAAN                   aAIDAH         H and Y

 Have a fun weekend.

Mrs Perry