Back to Back housing

Sorry for the delay but here are some wonderful memories of our time at the Back to Back housing.  It was a fantastic journey back in time and Year 2 were able to bring lots of their knowledge to the morning's experience. They lit a fire in the home; squashed themsleves 5 to a bed; even managed to fit in the laundry! 

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photo 1

The journey on the bus there and back was great.  Year 2 were immensely sensible and took a lot from the whole day!



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Fabulous maths!

Year two have been doing some fabulous maths this week. They can add 11 and subtract 11 from a given number. Why not ask them to show you at home....

Artists in residence paint Queen Victoria

Year 2 have been working very hard and very delicately to paint a portrait of Queen Victoria.  They then continued with this as a design technology project to make decorative frames that would hold the portrait.  The frames were first decorated with string, painted in a colour befitting of royalty and then placed together on a piece of cardboard.  Year 2 then had to create a stand that would hold the weight of the frame to make sure they would stand up alone.


Great success!


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queen vic pics