The Night Pirates…


This week in English our focus was to retell the story of ‘The Night Pirates’. Children focused on using conjunctions to extend their sentences.






In Art children explored tone using a range of mediums, including pencil and oil pastels. Can you share a ‘Top Tip’ when using oil pastels?








Have a great weekend!

Miss Hussain :-)

Aluminium Penny Boat Challenge!

This week in Science, children worked in groups to design and build a small boat from Aluminium foil. The goal for each group was to build and modify their boat to hold as many pennies as possible. The winning boat held 15 pennies.





Can you challenge yourself at home to make an Aluminium foil boat that carries more than 15 pennies?

Next week...

In English you will write up your version of ‘The Night Pirates’.

In Maths we will begin to solve word problems involving addition. We will also continue to learn about the ‘Commutative Law’.


Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-)


This week children worked with Mrs Halter to make ‘Bourekas’ in the Kosher Kitchen. Our focus was working hygienically and using tools safely. Children used a range of tools including a potato peeler. Can you share a ‘Top Tip’ for using a peeler safely?







Can you remember the filling to your Bourekas? After tasting our delicious finished product, we began to evaluate. Children looked at WWW (What Went Well) and EBI (Even Better If). One suggestion was to change the filling by adding cheese.




Next week…

In English we will begin to sequence the story of ‘The Night Pirates’. In Maths we will start to solve a range of addition sums involving two digit numbers.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-)