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 Column subtraction has been our focus this week.

  Please help Year 2 children to become real experts.

Can they explain how we change the appearance but keep the same  value when the top ones(units) are  smaller.



Spellings- dge

  1. badge                                                         
  2. bridge
  3. edge
  4. fridge
  5. fudge


Spellings- dge

  1. hedge
  2. judge
  3. lodge
  4. porridge
  5. ridge
  6. badge                                                         
  7. bridge
  8. edge
  9. fridge
  10. fudge







Year 2 Spellings 13.1.17



Spellings Year 2


Be/bee   - A verb or an insect.

Sun /son - In the sky or a boy child.

Bye/by     - Something you say or next to.

Hear/here- To use your ears or to be close.

Blue/blew - The colour or past tense of blow.

Write/right- To use a pencil or pen. A direction or to be correct.

Deer/ dear – An animal or as an nice way to talk to someone.

Two/to/too- the number, a direction or as well as.


The Final Part Of The Great Fire Of London

   IMG 1468

IMG 1457IMG 1492

Memories were made today!!!