Year 2 Spellings 17.3.17


   Spellings 17.3.17
  1. I'll
  2. You’ll
  3. He’ll
  4. We’ll
  5. It’s
  6. Wouldn’t
  7. Couldn’t
  8. Shouldn’t
  9. Haven’t
  10. You’d                   

Please help children to use these contraction spellings on their task sheet. They will have these same words to be tested on Thursday 21st March.

 I have a few more Science photos to share with you all.

AYAAN                   aAIDAH         H and Y

 Have a fun weekend.

Mrs Perry



Science Day

15th March

Science Day

 IMG 0894 renamed 26697

Year one and Year two were teamed up together to celebrate Science Day. The Theme was 'change'.

 We discoverd how different subtances change when heat, water or gases were added to them.

Look what happened when water was added to corn flour.




year 2 spellings 3.3.17




You made me very proud of how well you all worked while I was away in Red Ridge.

Home work

PE this term is football skills.

I want you to use your imagination to design your very own football team colour strip.


Please help children learn the year 2 key words. After the giant spelling test I was very pleased with the results. Children will be coming home with the spellings  that they will be retested on next Thursday. It may only be a few but the maximum of 10 spellings. Please do not LEARN ANY MORE THAN 10.


Have a super weekend.

Mrs Perry