The Night Pirates

This week in English we started to read  ‘The Night Pirates’. Children began to plan their diary entry as Tom. We focussed on using a range of adjectives to describe how Tom felt. How was Tom feeling? What could he hear?






In Computing we compared how to keep safe on a school trip and keeping safe online. Children discussed the importance of not talking to strangers and sharing any personal information. Can you remember our ‘Top Tips’?



In Maths we have been super busy partitioning numbers into tens and ones. I’m thinking of a number. It has seven tens and four ones. What is my number?


Have a great weekend!

Miss Hussain :-)

Anti-Bullying Exhibition

Children created some thoughtful art work for our Anti-Bullying Exhibition. Children discussed what bullying means and how to stop bullying.











Miss Hussain :-)

Let's get literate.

Dear parent(s),

To help your child improve their literacy skills, I am requesting that you encourage your child to copy a bit of writing from a book (a fiction book, magazine, newspaper, letter – whatever suits you or them) for just 10 minutes a day.

There are many benefits to this: they will be reading; they will learn new vocabulary; they will improve their spelling; they will be able to practise their handwriting; they will aprreciate the purpose of punctuation; and essentially they will learn sentence structure.  This does not need to be submitted.

It is a simple task with hopefully great results.  You may even ask your child one thing they learned today from this exercise and you will be surprised as to what they have picked up.

Thank you kindly.