Mrs Owen's group

Dear children and parents,
Next week's spellings will be taken from all of the spellings my group have been given so far this year (20 spellings will be tested in total - but learn them all as you never know which ones will be tested). Many of the children get them right when writing them for the test which is super. However, many children do not use them in their own writing. I saw a child get 'declare' correct in their test and a few minutes later, spelled it as 'declair' in a sentence and they're not the only one. Please, please get them to practise at home using them correctly in sentences - two or three a night.
Writing homework - see last week's instructions for a game. Some children have completed this already.
Have a great weekend,
Mrs Owen

Mrs Owen's group's spellings and writing homework

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling


Spellings this week will be a mix of your own common errors and words from the Year 2 word list.

Homework: Create a game or use a game you know already and write instructions for how to play it. Use at least 5 of your spellings. Write in complete sentences. As always, BE IMAGINATIVE. Use the template given or make your own.

1.       bridge

2.       dodge

3.       fudge

4.       edge

5.       dodge

6.       huge

7.       change

8.       village

9.       gem

10.   giant

11.   magic

12.   giraffe

13.   energy

14.   adjust

15.   join






Mrs Owen's group's spellings

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling

29.11.18 – write an advert for a pet product to show you know what at least ten of the words mean as part of your homework – hand it in next Thursday to Mrs Owen.



2. cute

3. mute

4. astute

5. squeeze

6. tube

7. litter

8. scatter

9. shelter

10. pouch

11. pouches

12. discover

13. climb

14. climber

15. stale

16. cage

17. chew

18. lighter

19. peal

20. peel