Spellings 12/01/18

Spellings for Thursday 18/01/18

Group 1 - copier, copied, happier, happiest, cried, replied, tried, dried, driest, funnier, clothes, suddenly.

Group 2 - scare, dare, prepare, nightmare, rare, snare,children, were, very, because.

Group 3 - they, what, care, hare, dare, that, then, like.

Back to Back housing

Sorry for the delay but here are some wonderful memories of our time at the Back to Back housing.  It was a fantastic journey back in time and Year 2 were able to bring lots of their knowledge to the morning's experience. They lit a fire in the home; squashed themsleves 5 to a bed; even managed to fit in the laundry! 

photo 1a


photo 1

The journey on the bus there and back was great.  Year 2 were immensely sensible and took a lot from the whole day!



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