Year 2 Masterchef Day

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What an action packed Thursday it's been for year 2!

Not only have we had pyjama day and been munching sweet treats to raise money for the school council, we have also been busy cooking using our brand new kosher kitchen facilities.

We have learned: hygiene and safety rules; how to use a potato peeler to peel potatoes; how to use a sharp knife to chop; and how to mash potatoes into a smooth consistency using a potato masher.

They tried their potatoes three ways:

1. plain

2. with chives

3. with parsley

Plain mashed potato with margarine was the favourite with a tie for second place for chives and parsley.

Now your child can practise their skills at home with you as everyone found peeling and chopping quite tricky.


Homework is to write instructions how to make mashed potatoes. Be as creative as you want to be with the presentation. It can be a Masterchef style video, a magazine insert or a typical cookery set of instructions.


Have a lovely sunny weekend.

Mrs Owen



Remember to get your clothing and food ready for WESTON- SUPER - MARE. It's going to be a great day out.

Up-cycling old jigsaw pieces

Year two have been painting jigsaw pieces ready for using in our pictures for the 'Upcycling Event.'IMG 0680IMG 0677

Year 2 SATs

Year 2 have been working very hard this week; completing their reading and maths SATs tests. Next week they have their short and long writing tasks and a spelling test.

Their homework should help them prepare for their writing tests. Encourage them to use capital letters to begin sentences and for proper nouns, commas in a list, ! ? and correct use of full stops. They should use adjectives to describe nouns and adventurous vocabulary. We have also been working on using conjunctions to link clauses in sentences. Ask them about it and see if they can remember the other conjunctions and use them in their writing. See the examples below.




Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds if

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds while

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds so

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds when

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds where

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds before

Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds after
Dragons like to sleep in rain clouds although
  • they feel cosy.
  • it is too hot on earth.
  • they can’t get caught by their enemies.
  • it is night- time.
  • they don’t like rain.
  • they have had their tea.
  • they go hunting for humans.


This website will help them practise  their punctuation: