Craft club

26th February 2015

IMG 0556

In craft club today we have had a super time making lavender bags to take home.

Year 2 homework


Middle Phase Homework: Design your perfect classroom.

Teachers are always trying to make your classrooms a better place to learn. A “better” classroom to learn can mean different things to different children.

It could be that you want your classroom to be:

  • more exciting
  • to be calmer
  • to have music played while you’re learning
  • to have it decorated in a theme per year group, e.g. jungle, space or Egyptian

Mission: Design your ideal classroom. You can use paper to draw your design, a shoe or cereal box to build your classroom or … get busy with your Lego.

Remember to add labels to the features you really want and think about the five senses in your design.

Please hand in by Tuesday 10th March, with your name clearly on your design.

You can use this website to help you with ideas:

Work with a partner, your mums and dads, relatives or by yourself.


Please remember to wear sensible school shoes to school. Not boots or trainers. Thank You