George Cadbury

This week Year 3 started their new topic of ‘Birmingham’. Throughout English pupils researched facts about George Cadbury. Children learnt that he looked after his workers by building schools, hospitals and houses. Pupils wrote a biography based on George Cadbury. 


IMG 2678


As part of Y3’s holiday homework, pupils researched interesting facts about Birmingham and presented them in many different ways.    


IMG 2675


During Maths pupils have been learning about how to solve multiplications sums through partitioning.  


IMG 2637


IMG 2646


IMG 2644

Have a great weekend. 

Miss Hussain   :-)


Creating Sundials

 Year 3 have been making the most of the sunshine by creating their own sundials to tell the time. Children learnt how the position of the shadow tells the time. Here are a few examples. 


IMG 2630


IMG 2632


This week children have started to stitch their tote bags together. 


IMG 2609


IMG 2612


 Our PE focus this term has been ‘Outdoor Adventurous Activities’. Children took part in an assault course to build on team building skills. 


IMG 2613


IMG 2619


As part of our ‘Big Write’ pupils created their own travel brochure based on the rainforest.  


IMG 2634


IMG 2635


IMG 2636


Have a great holiday.

Miss Hussain  :-)


Year 3 have had a very busy week.

Our focus this week was ‘Fairtrade’. Pupils created their own artwork to demonstrate how the banana workers felt. Here are a few examples. 


IMG 2599


IMG 2600


IMG 2602


As part of our ‘Big Write’, pupils wrote a persuasive letter to encourage our local MP to support Fairtrade. 


IMG 2603


IMG 2604


In Maths pupils applied their skill of telling the time to solve a variety of word problems. 


IMG 2605


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hussain  :-)