Designers in the making...

Year 3 have turned in to designers and have finished creating their Tote bags.  Children created their Molar art which was then transferred on to their Tote bags. The purpose of creating their bags is to help save the environment by reusing bags.



To seal our ‘Design Technology’ project children product tested their bags and took part in a fashion show to present their finished product. 


‘I want to be like you’.

Year 3 have had a very busy week. On Thursday children took part in the school concert. Children dressed up as monkeys and performed ‘I want to be like you’. 

IMG 2734IMG 2739


Our focus in English this week has been diary entries.  Children role played Charlie Bucket’s ‘Big Day’. Children focussed on using body language and facial expressions. Here are few scenes in action. 

IMG 2714IMG 2704

Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain  :-)  

Fruit smoothies

Children have been focussing on healthy eating. With Mrs Halter children made a delicious fruit smoothie to quench their thirst. 

Children used bananas, ice cream and soya milk. 

IMG 0478IMG 0488

IMG 0491IMG 0489