Swimming at Moseley Road Baths


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The children enjoy swimming lessons at Moseley Road Baths every Monday. They are very lucky to swim in such a beautiful Victorian building, one of the oldest swimming pools in the whole country. Unfortunately, the council plan to close the baths in 2015, meaning that our children will no longer be able to enjoy swimming there. To learn more about Moseley Road Baths, and to join the campaign to stop this proposed closure, please visit Friends of Moseley Road Baths wesbite. With your help, your child could start a petition, or write a letter to their local MP for homework this week. 

Testing hardness of rocks



The children have been comparing hardness of different rocks, with Mrs. Elsom, by rubbing two of them together and seeing the results. Today, some of the children tested sandstone, chalk, mudstone and basalt.

Observing precious rocks



The children in Year 3 have been observing precious rocks as part of their Rocks Science topic. They have been making detailed drawings of them using pastels, oil pastels and crayons. They have also been learning the lovely names such as 'tiger's eye', 'red jasper', 'opal' and 'fool's gold'.The children's work was extremely careful and they handled the precious rocks with great care. Thank you to Miss Tock for bringing in her special collection to share with us.