Emotion Charades

As part of PSCHE children explored emotions and the importance of reading facial expressions. Children took part in ‘Emotion Charades’ where their partner guessed their emotions based on their facial expressions.

IMG 1417


IMG 1418


IMG 1424

Can you guess the emotions?


This week in Maths children focussed on practically representing multiplication sums.  Can you remember the commutative law?


True or False

Multiplying a number will always make the number bigger.

IMG 1402


IMG 1403


Miss Hussain :-)



Holiday Homework- Egyptian Pyramids

Year 3, have had a great start to the new term. Children produced ‘OUTSTANDING’ Egyptian Pyramids as part of their holiday homework.

Here are a few examples:

An edible pyramid made out of ‘gingerbread’. DELICIOUS!

IMG 1397



IMG 1398


IMG 1399


IMG 1400




IMG 1431


IMG 1432


IMG 1433




IMG 1435


IMG 1436


IMG 1439


IMG 1440


IMG 1441


IMG 1442

IMG 1443


IMG 1444

IMG 1445


 IMG 1480



Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyramids?

What were pyramids made out of?



Thank you to all the parents and carers that have supported their child with their holiday homework.

Miss Hussain :-) 





Preparing for Egyptian Royalty

Y3 have been busy staining paper to make it look like papyrus.They used coffee mixed with water to create the stain. Y3 smelt like Starbucks!!! Lovely emmm...   





Mrs. Rashid