New Topic

This week in English children wrote a diary entry as Charlie Bucket. Children wrote in first person and used a range of adjectives to describe how Charlie felt. Our focus was to use fronted adverbials to provide extra detail. 

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Do you remember your writing target?

In Science, we have been exploring the human body and learning all about the skeletal structure. Children learnt about ‘Endoskeletons’ and ‘Exoskeletons’. Do you know the difference?



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As part of our Maths focus we have been learning all about measurement. How many grams are in 1 kg? 


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As part of History, children ordered Cadbury Diary Milk Wrappers in ‘Chronological’ order. Children explored the changes in packaging and why they changes were made. What does ‘Chronological’ mean? 


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Miss Hussain :-)


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As part of their Y3 topic, Scrumdiddlyumptious children created veggie burgers with Mrs.Halter. We used bread to make our breadcrumbs, we chopped potatoes,butternut squash,carrots and sweet potatoes. We boiled all the vegetables and mashed them together, then we shaped our burgers.

The burgers were very yummy!



Writing to Clarks

This week children turned in to designers to create their felt slippers. Children thought about the different uses of slippers and discussed how their slippers would be used.





IMG 1047


IMG 1056




The purpose of this learning was to try and persuade Clarks to retail Year 3’s new range of felt slippers. Children wrote a letter to Clarks trying to persuade the company to sell their felt slippers. Children used a range of rhetorical questions to catch the reader’s attention.


IMG 1077


IMG 1078



Children product tested their felt slippers against the design criteria. Did they fit you right? What did you like about your slippers? What would you change?



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IMG 1074


Miss Hussain :-)