Officially school's out for the summer holidays!

Officially  school's out for the summer! 

Today children had an emotional day saying farewell to Year 3.  Children took centre stage on the ‘Red Carpet’ to be awarded an individual award.


IMG 1134IMG 1143 IMG 1151IMG 1145

One final class picture for Year 3. 


IMG 1171





IMG 1174


IMG 1175


Have a great summer.

Miss Hussain :-)

Stressed and unstressed vowels

Year 3 have had a very busy week learning about stressed and unstressed vowels. Children investigated words with the ‘er’ diagraph by using dictionaries and IPads. How many words can you think of with a stressed and unstressed vowel? Does the word ‘brother’ have a stressed or unstressed vowel?


IMG 2810


IMG 2820


IMG 2835


To extend their knowledge further pupils looked at the different types of homophones. Children learnt the importance of using the correct homophone within their sentences.  What is the difference between a homograph and a homonym? 


IMG 2826


IMG 2822


Can you solve the following homophone brainteaser?

It moves through the air and is also a viral infection. 


Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-)

Twycross Zoo

Year 3 have had a fun packed day monkeying around at Twycross Zoo. They learnt many interesting facts including the difference between a monkey and an ape. 


IMG 2741IMG 2745

Did you know a giraffe’s tongue can be up to 45cm long? Giraffes live in dry tropical woodland, Savannah and grasslands.

IMG 2755IMG 2757

Elephants are the largest herbivorous animals in the world. Their diet consists mainly of grasses, trees, leaves and shrubs.

IMG 2764IMG 2761


Children looked forward to a well earnt lunch. 

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