Working together


In P.E. today, the children invented their own sequences to include rolls, jumps and balances in small groups. They really co-operated well. Well done! Mrs. D.

gymnastics balance3gymastics balance2

Making Volcanoes!


In Science today the children have been having fun making model volcanoes out of recyled bottles and paper. Next week we will be doing some chemistry and mixing substances together to (hopefully) cause 'lava' to erupt out of our volcanoes! Watch this space to see what happens next week! And thank you to Mrs. Mann for donating all those bottles!


Ancient Egyptian Job Applications!



The children have been learning all about the different jobs that people did in ancient Egypt, as well as the social hierarchy of the society at the time. They thought about which job they would have wanted and wrote a letter of application. Here are some fantastic examples from Zahra, Abu-Zarr, Iman and Zaynab. Very well done!