Ancient Egyptian Market


Today, the children role-played tradespeople in an ancient Egyptian market place. First, we thought about what ancient Egyptians would have been able to exchange at the market.



Then, we chose our characters, what we had to offer, what we wanted, and began to barter with each other! We tried hard to get the best price. Year 3 have great bartering skills, I think that they would have been very successful in the ancient Egyptian market place!





We have being learning how to halve even numbers this week. Group 1 worked very hard today to halve numbers using cubes and a halving mat. They are really beginning to show good understanding of this concept now! Well done Group 1! Fantastic! Mrs. Rashid. 


A special visitor


 Yesterday we had a visitor in Year 3. Mr. Davies, a local History specialist, came to teach us all about how the ancient Egyptians built some very clever machinery to help them build the pyramids. For example, he taught us how they lifted heavy weights using a pulley system. He also showed us how the ancient Egyptians made devices from wood, rope and a load (and their knowledge of right angles and gravity) to check if the ground was level before they built a pyramid. We made our own model of this device using paper, string and blue-tac. Mr. Davies taught us so much and he was great fun too! We thoroughly enjoyed his visit. Thank you Mr. Davies for coming! We hope you visit King David again soon!