Problem solving


This morning the children have been working very hard to tackle a variety of tricky word problems involving money. I was extremely impressed with the children's effort and enthusiasm. Well done Year 3! Mrs. Dattani.


Ancient Egyptian Market


Today, the children role-played tradespeople in an ancient Egyptian market place. First, we thought about what ancient Egyptians would have been able to exchange at the market.



Then, we chose our characters, what we had to offer, what we wanted, and began to barter with each other! We tried hard to get the best price. Year 3 have great bartering skills, I think that they would have been very successful in the ancient Egyptian market place!





We have being learning how to halve even numbers this week. Group 1 worked very hard today to halve numbers using cubes and a halving mat. They are really beginning to show good understanding of this concept now! Well done Group 1! Fantastic! Mrs. Rashid.