Craft Club16.11.17

 We all made rockets and we flew to the moon.

Fruit Salads

Year 3 have had a super busy week. This week children worked with Mrs Halter to create a healthy fruit salad. Children used their skills of peeling and cutting to create their delicious fruit salad. The fruit salad consisted of bananas, oranges and apples.

Can you remember the stages to creating your fruit salad?


IMG 2878


IMG 2880


This week in English children interviewed a character from ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. Children used a range of open-ended questions to find out more about the characters.

Why did Kipa make Rhodopis do all the household chores?


IMG 1486


In Science children set up an investigation to explore the permeability of rocks. Can you remember what permeability means?  




In Maths children are focussing on providing a written answer to explain their working out. 

IMG 1449


Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain  :-)

Printing in Y3.

Y3 have been preparing their backgrounds for their Egyptian portraits. They etched designs onto polystyrene tiles using pencil, they had to apply enough pressure to their polystyrene tile to create a design deep enough to etch. But at the same time they had to be careful not to make a hole in the polystyrene tile. They were very skilful and  they all created beautiful borders for their portraits. 

      IMG 1459               IMG 1461



IMG 1460

Mrs. Rashid.