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Calling all Crafters!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday

Mrs Posaner

Viking Collage

As part of PSCHE, children explored ways to ‘cool down’ when angry and upset. Children discussed what makes them angry and how to ‘cool down’ when upset.



IMG 1326


IMG 1329


IMG 1330




To seal the end of our Viking theme, children created a ‘Mixed Media’ collage. Children used a range of brush strokes to create the texture of the waves crashing. Here are a few examples.


IMG 1354


IMG 1357


IMG 1368


IMG 1370


Have a great holiday.

Miss Hussain :-)

Sailing Through The Stormy Sea

Today children tested their Viking Longboats. Children predicted whether their Longboat would float or sink based on the properties of the materials used. Here are few examples of Year 3’s Viking Longboats sailing across the sea.




IMG 1331


IMG 1333


IMG 1334


IMG 1335


IMG 1336


IMG 1337


IMG 1338


IMG 1351


IMG 1349


Can you name the properties of the materials you used?  Do you remember the name of the upwards force that keeps you afloat? What does buoyant mean?

Thank you to all the parents and carers that helped their child in creating their Longboat. 


Miss Hussain :-)