Colour Changing Chrysanthemums

This week as part of ‘British Science Week’, children set up an investigation to explore how plants absorb water. The petals changed colour because the coloured water from the beaker had been transported around the petals.









What do plants need to survive? Why do we need plants? 


Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-) 

Holiday Homework- Creative Rainforest Displays

Well done to all the children that have created a rainforest display as part of their holiday homework. Children used a range of materials including natural and recycled materials.




IMG 2653.


IMG 2655.


IMG 2656.


IMG 2659.


IMG 2660.

IMG 2661.


IMG 2662.


IMG 2663.


IMG 2664.

IMG 2665.



IMG 2668.



IMG 2670.


IMG 2672.



IMG 2674.


IMG 2676



Miss Hussain :-)

Purim Celebrations

Last week, children attended an ‘Oscar’ award ceremony and took part in a talent show.

IMG 2626


IMG 2632


To celebrate ‘Purim’ children in Year 3 made Hamantaschens with Mrs Halter. Can you remember the ingredients used?


IMG 2611


IMG 2619


IMG 2620

IMG 2622


IMG 2624



Children created their own ‘Purim’ baskets and gifted each other fruits and sweets.


IMG 2616


IMG 2617


Miss Hussain :-)