How does light travel?

This week in Science children set up an investigation to explore how light travels. Children arranged three pieces of card with holes in to a straight line. Children found that the light went through all three holes, therefore the light travelled in a straight line.






The second investigation which children set up, explored how the distance of a light source impacts the shadow formed. What happens to the shadow when the light source is closer to the object? What is a hypothesis? 






This week our PE focus has been working on our team building skills. Children worked together as a team to play ‘The Floor Is Lava’. The aim of the game was to get across the playground without touching the ground. This game focussed on willingness to trust others and accept support.







In Maths, children have been collecting data for Nestle based on their Smarties. Children presented their data in to a bar chart and a frequency table. What did you find out? Did all the tubes have the same amount of Smarties? Next week children will be emailing the data to Nestle.






Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-)