Scientists at Work

Children in Year 3 have been investigating the layers of soil. Children set up an investigation to compare different types of soil.

Can you name the different layers of soil?   


IMG 1591


IMG 1595


This week in History, children created their own Cartouche. Children first wrote their name in Hieroglyphics on Papyrus, then used ink to apply colour.  

Can you remember what Papyrus is made from?


IMG 1587


IMG 1589

Can you work out who this Cartouche belongs to? 

IMG 1601


As part of our ‘Big Write’ children wrote a non-fictional information text on Anubis. Children used ‘sub-headings’ and focussed on their writing targets. 

IMG 1600


In Maths our focus was ‘scaling’. Children created their own scaling problems and visually represented their working out. 


IMG 1599


Have a great weekend.

Miss Hussain :-)