Nursery Kiddush

It was Nursery's Kiddush today. All of the children behaved beautifully and helped Rabbi Jacobs set the table with a special gift of daffodils.kiddush 17.3.17

Ten in a Bed

We've been practising counting backwards from ten this week, by singing "Ten in a Bed." Mrs Owen brought a blanket in to make it more realistic and all of the children in today snuggled under and played rolling over and counting back. Get the teddies out at home, play and sing with your little ones!

ten in a bed

Outstanding Nursery Behaviour


Nursery were very brave today and practised their Purim Goes to Texas Dance on the stage in front of the whole school. Scroll down for photos of the children and their prizes for being such an amazingly brave class and for showing some funky moves.

Please remember that the children who attend Nursery on Mondays need to wear a Wild West outfit, e.g. jeans, check shirt and a cowboy hat.

They will be singing and dancing on stage on Monday 13th March at 9.30 am. Come along and watch.

Practising at home would make the performance even better. Use this link to help them sing the words and remember the dance moves.

IMG 1233IUIMG 1229IMG 1231IMG 1235

They were also really sensible on our spring walk, using their clipboards, paper and pencils carefully to draw their spring observations.


IMG 1238IMG 1240 1



Teddy Bears' Picnic

We counted out cupcakes and doughnuts for the bears on their picnic.

Use the website below for your child to practise at home - they really enjoyed feeding the greedy teddy bear when we used it at school.

Have a great weekend.Happy Purim! Chag Sameach!

Purim heads to Texas!



Get those outfits ready and those toes tapping because Nursery are getting ready for Purim.


We are all looking forward to dressing up as cowboys, cowgirls or native Americans (though no guns or bows and arrows, please), and maybe a few American Football players, or whatever American icon that inspires you!


Nursery are practising their song and their dance. No photos as we don't want to ruin the surprise. Make sure your child comes on 13th March to celebrate.


If you'd like to practise with your child, use this link to learn the words and see if your child can remember the dance. Maya is on the drums!!!



Have a good weekend,


Mrs Owen