Phonics in Nursery

The children have been learning some phonics in Nursery. The sounds they know so far are s, a, t. We have been using letters and sounds games and jolly phonics songs to help reinforce their letter recognition and the sounds the letters make. Tuesday 31st October we learnt the letter t for tower, tennis and teacher. We also had a go at learning to write it.  


Ansariya   Ayah    

Phonics drumming outdoors

Tuesday 3rd October


In nursery we are learning to listen to sounds in the environment and to make new sounds. Today we have been listening to the sounds we can make with the drum sticks on different surfaces. We found that drumming on metal sounded different to drumming on wood. We also listened to the different sounds the different drum sticks made. Please feel free to practise listening to sounds around the home and identifying them. We used a plastic bag and some noisy toys, the children had to listen and identify the toy from the sound it made. We have been giving them lots of praise and rewarding them with stickers for following the rules and routines in nursery. We are very proud of our nursery class.  

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19th September 2017


We love Nursery especially the climbing frame. 

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