Friday 11th May

We have had a lovely morning in Nursery. We have been learning about minibeasts, habitats and life cycles. We have been on a mini beast hunt, in the rain and found a woodlouse, some ants, a worm, a few snails and a slug.  


Mrs Poole and Mrs Byrne.

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Farm Trip

Nursery had a lovely time at the farm this morning.  We collected freshly laid eggs and fed the chickens and sheep.  Then we watched the farmer feed Pinky and Perky the pigs.  We ended our trip by visiting the cowshed, where we saw some calves drinking milk from the milk bar.

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Nursery Kiddush

It was Nursery's Kiddush today. All of the children behaved beautifully and helped Rabbi Jacobs set the table with a special gift of daffodils.kiddush 17.3.17

Ten in a Bed

We've been practising counting backwards from ten this week, by singing "Ten in a Bed." Mrs Owen brought a blanket in to make it more realistic and all of the children in today snuggled under and played rolling over and counting back. Get the teddies out at home, play and sing with your little ones!

ten in a bed