French vocabulary - Asking names

This week we are learning how to ask someone their name. Here is the vocabulary to learn:

Qui est-ce? = Who is it?

C'est... = It's...
Comment tu t'appelles? = What's your name?
Je m'appelle... = My name is...
Comment il s'appelle? = What's his name?
Comment elle s'appelle? = What's her name?
Comment ils s'appellent? = What are their names?
Ils s'appellent... = They are called...

French vocabulary - Greetings

A great first lesson of French with our group from Year 6. Here is the vocabulary from today's lesson. Please learn it by next Tuesday.

Oui = Yes
Non = No
Bonjour = Hello
Salut = Hello
Au revoir = Goodbye

Ça va? = You OK?
Ça va. = I'm OK.
Comment ça va? = How are you?
Ça va bien. = I am well.
Ça va très bien. = I am very well.
Ça va mal. = Things are bad.
Comme ci, comme ça. = Things are so-so.
Merci = Thank you.

Et toi? = And you?

The life of Anne Frank

Year 6 have been learning about the Holocaust ahead of their trip to Beth Shalom - the National Holocaust Centre and Museum. Today they heard about Anne Frank, who wrote her famous diary, while in hiding from Nazi soldiers.

The children are doing research to learn more about her life. They are using these websites: