9th December 2016

Homework this week:

Reading: Read the text 'Winds of Change'  - do pages 26 and 27

Maths/maths plus: pages 28 and 29

Punctuation: pages 10 and 11

Grammar: pages 22 and 23

Spellings: learn, select five words to find definitions, antonyms/synonyms and sentences.

Have a very good weekend.

Homework 02/12/16

Your homework this week is to simply learn your spellings and write the definitions for the '-able' words.

Don't forget to do some reading - reading out loud enables you to focus on the punctuation alongside working on your tone and expression.    

Have a great weekend!

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Year Six had a wonderful visit to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

This Museum has many touchable exhibits, intriguing drawers to open and feely boxes to explore. The Year Six children were given an iPad, to use the interactive programs which took them around the Museum to different points. At each point the iPad would tell them about the exhibit.

They were looking at and asking questions, giving them a multiple choice answer.

IMG 2655IMG 2658  IMG 2659

IMG 2654     IMG 2660  IMG 2661IMG 2663  IMG 2662  

IMG 2664