Dance Festival In London

KD Israeli dancers from Y6, Y5 and Y4 went to London to participate in the Israeli Dance Festival. A great time was had by all.

  IMG 2375   IMG 2380

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Big Bang


On Thursday we went to the NEC to attend the Big Bang Science Day.

The children had a great time looking at all the different experiments that were taking place and generally exploring the different sciences and how we benefit from them. Here are a few photos .


IMG 3061  IMG 3062  IMG 3063  IMG 3064

IMG 3069  IMG 3070  IMG 3071  IMG 3077  

IMG 3079IMG 3082  IMG 3087  IMG 3092

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Homework 10/03/17

This week your homework is to revise from all of your CGP homeowrk books.  this should now be ongoing practice in preparations for SATs ahead. The time is drawing nearer and you now need to use your time wisely please.                                                                                                                                                                                                Other than that, your homework is to carryout some research.  Use google maps to make your own map showing where cocoa is grown around the world.  

Make a list of the world's largest cocoa producers.  Then make a list of the top consumers of cocoa.  What do you notice?  

Further questions:  How much do cocoa farmers get paid?  What hours do they work?  How does fairtrade help with the cocoa industry?  Could it be fairer?  How does the demand for cocoa in the UK affect the environment? How can we reduce the negative affects?    Who does make the most money in the chocolate industry?  in your opinion is that fair?