French vocabulary - My family

This week we learned about members of our family and the different words for "my".

ma famille = my family

mon père = my father

ma mère = my mother

mon frère = my brother

ma souer = my sister

mon grand-père = my grandfather

ma grand-mère = my grandmother

mon oncle = my uncle

ma tante = my aunt

un cousin = a cousin (a boy)

une cousine = a cousin (a girl)

The latest in the murder of Xbalanque


 Xbalanque was found dead, yesterday in his family’s corn field, with three arrows in his back.

The High Priest has named four suspects they would like to interview. They are: the Lord of Death, Grandma, Hunahpu and his older brother.


   IMG 2885    IMG 2886   IMG 2887  IMG 2888


   IMG 2883   IMG 2884  IMG 2889  IMG 2890


Heron Twins


Who killed Xbalanque ?


                                                             IMG 6490


Ask your child who they think killed Xbalanque, and why ?


Watch this space for updates.