Hi all

Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon for our Chanukah lighting.

Y6 have been working hard on several projects recently. They have been building the Cluedo mansion room by room in  DT as well as some fantastic character and setting description.

We are currently working on our class assembly - I'll keep you posted - which is based on the work we have been doing in history.

This morning I am looking forward to trying some of the latkes that Y6 will be cooking. A busy few weeks!

Year 6 News

Year 6 are deep in thought putting together ideas for their writing. Cluedo writing - some lovely setting descriptions, as well as character study. Here is just a sample: 

"Pardon me but who are you?" Mustard bellowed. "You are too beautiful to be lost."

"Excuse me! I'm Lady Raven and I'm engaged," she softly spoke. "Anyway, you are too old for



Holding onto the chandelier, she pulled herself up and slid herself through the closed French window. The glass shattered and it did cut her but she carried on running.


"Excuse me! Colonel Custard! You are my father!" Colonel Mustard said in his Darth Vader voice.

Colonel Custard didn't answer - it was as if he couldn't hear him.


Professor Plum paced around the ballroom, switching the automatic piano on. He covered the round table in an elaborate cloth. He hired a chef and made sure no-one was in the mansion to pick up Lady Raven. Professor Plum grabbed his keys to his posh Aston Martin Vanquish S. 


Mrs Peacock slowly awakened from her slumber and saw a luminous glow coming from across the room.


One of the figures around the table was dressed in an old cloak, covered with brown stains. She stared hard at me, before asking, "Do you still have the cyanide?"


Exciting work in maths - going round in circles followed by percentages. History - The modern period Vagrancy, witchcraft, Highwaymen and smuggling - all crimes from this period. Interestingly, the Saxons had a unique way of keeping each other out of trouble - ask Year 6 about it. 



Costume help!

Can you help with costumes for the jungle book?  If so, here is a list of what we need please:


Fake fur

Leotards and bright colour leggings

Animal ears - all sorts

Snake print leggings

Bright-coloured sarongs

Animal headresses


Holiday homework:

Please learn your script lines off by heart along with songs and dance routines.

Happy holidays!