Upper Phase seder

Mrs Nash and Year 6 would love to invite the Y6 parents to our seder on Thursday 22nd March. It will start at 9:45 and end at approximately 11:15. We hope you will be able to join us. It will be the children's last seder before leaving the school and heading off to the next stage of their lives.


French vocabulary - My family

This week we learned about members of our family and the different words for "my".

ma famille = my family

mon père = my father

ma mère = my mother

mon frère = my brother

ma souer = my sister

mon grand-père = my grandfather

ma grand-mère = my grandmother

mon oncle = my uncle

ma tante = my aunt

un cousin = a cousin (a boy)

une cousine = a cousin (a girl)


Hi all

Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon for our Chanukah lighting.

Y6 have been working hard on several projects recently. They have been building the Cluedo mansion room by room in  DT as well as some fantastic character and setting description.

We are currently working on our class assembly - I'll keep you posted - which is based on the work we have been doing in history.

This morning I am looking forward to trying some of the latkes that Y6 will be cooking. A busy few weeks!