The Sad Death of Hunahpu

Year 6 are working on recount writing.  This week they have been journalists writing an obituary for the famous and noble 'Hero Twin' Hunahpu.  It has been a challenging but successful task as they test their formal writing skills and  also having to be inventive with details.





Mathletics Year 6


Year 6 are steaming ahead with Mathletics; this week we have achieved two Silver Awards which is fantastic.  To achieve this each child has had to achieve a Bronze certificate each week since Mathletics has started.

We have a competition within the class to see who can achieve the highest score with Mathletics and we reward this with house points 1st 50, 2nd 40, 3rd 30.

We also have a competition between years 4, 5 and 6 to see which class can achieve the highest score. 

Last week Year 4 achieved a staggering 25,920 which is wonderful. This week year 6 has come back with  a vengeance and a fantastic score of 45,405. One of our pupils achieved 1st in the U.K. and  4th in the world on the Mathletics leader board. Well done year six - I am really proud of you.


IMG 4858


Year 6 Science Journey

Jh16525  This week, Year 6 begin their science journey.  We shall kick off with the Theory of Evolution.  Specifically we will analyse how fossil records provide 'scientifc proof' that flora and fauna have adapted to suit their changing climatic environment, subsequently we have the animal and plant life that we see today.  If pupils have books or even fossils that they would like to bring in and share with the rest of the class, this would be more than welcome.