Mayan Number System

Last week, Year 6 tried to decipher the Mayan Number System up to the number 19.  Most were greatly successful but all definitely enjoyed the challenge.  They then had to continue the symbol system in groups, based on what they had and add more of their own, up to 100, 1000 and some even took it 10,000.  

Well done Year 6!


Anti-Bullying Week

IMG 0244 Year 6 are following in the foot steps of the late Dr. Martin Luther King and producing their own piece of writing based on the 'I have a Dream Speech'.  Pupils have felt very inspired having listened to the speech and understood the purpose and its subsequent achievement.  Pupils wished to have a similiar impact with their speeches on anti-bullying.

Year Six

Mrs Nazir is the class teacher for Year Six. She is supported by Mrs Bennett.

Year Six is in the Upper Phase.