comprehension sheet and spellings for test 23.1.19


and big now

day by my


and big now

day by my

blow snow

never proper

Complete homework reading comprehension - Days of the week

Mrs Owen's groups's spelling and homework 17.01.19

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling


Complete comprehension questions about ‘Gorilla,’ by Anthony Browne, using full sentences, cursive handwriting and using emotive language – SAD is banned. Use a thesaurus to help you at home.

Last two are your own common spelling error choices.

Basic Expectations – presentation, handwriting, spelling, punctuation   

1.   does

2.  doesn’t

3.  friend

4.  people

5.  their

6.  there

7.  they’re

8.  which

9.  ready

10. frown

11.  shout

12. scrounge

13. bounce

14. slouch

15. trounce

16. grouse

17. prowl

18. scowl



spelling for test 17.1.19


the they

she we

was there


the they

she we

was there

turn curl

glare stare

Please, please help your child learn the words and songs for the assembly on 18th January @ 9 o'clock

Thank you