homework and spellings for test 17.5.18

Group 1

Make bake cake sake fake

Pole sole poke rode hole

Group 2

Snake quake flake whale plane

Smoke globe joke rose

Group 3

Envelope antelope telephone throne stone

Frame grape planed games escape


I would like all children to find examples of 2d and 3 d shapes in your home or local environment. Can they please label them 

Assembly 11th May

Remember to send in your childs's costume for dress rehearsal on Tuesday

homework for this week - spelling test 10.5.18

Our class assembly will be on Friday 11th May at 9 o'clock.

For homework this week can you please learn your songs and words. remember to speak slowly, clearly and loudly.

Group 1

Just help said little there looked  called  made my  out

Group 2

For   four  fore ate  eight  there their bare bear  said  

Group 3

forward  forewarned  fortune  [plus Group 2 words]