spelling test 8.11.18 and homework 26.10.18

Yellow /Silver

sort fork, worn,

hair, air fair


sort fork, worn, horse, short

hair, air fair stair, chair

Find times on the hickory dickory clock


play level 1 – Save the mouse from the cat by selecting the correct time

Mrs Owen's group's spellings

SPELLINGS 25.10.18


Mrs Owen’s groups spelling


1.       listen

2.       through

3.       thorough

4.       tune

5.       truce

6.       June

7.       before

8.       beginning

9.       should

10.   said

11.   could

12.   rude

13.   fighting

14.   skirt

15.   teeth

16.   life

17.   little

18.   across

19.   bite

20.   any

spellings for 25.10.18 and homework


Car, star far

Look book hood


Car, star far parcel argument

Look book hood cookbook footman


Also can your children interview you to find out about toys you used to play with. Thank you

Thanks to all parents who signed the planners. It was really useful for us.