Mrs Owen's group's spellings 8th November 2018

1.       growl

2.       loyal

3.       crawled

4.       crashing

5.       gnashing

6.       peacefully

7.       scornfully

8.       yawned

9.       jealous

10.   jeering

11.   sore

12.   dawn

13.   straw

14.   slops

15.   circus

16.   Androcles

17.   sword

18.   Roman

19.   awful

20. angry

Mrs Owen's group also have a book to read, 'How to Trick a Tiger." Please read chapter one with your child. Use a context and dictionary to explore new vocabulary.

Use post it notes to write down definitions. Discuss the characteristics of the main characters, e.g. lazy, mean, kind etc. Bring the book back on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

spellings for 15th November and number bonds of ten

Yellow /Silver

See, seen.

seat, real

the my


said your

dream scream clean

sleep green three


Please learn number bonds of 10 - there are some great songs on Youtube!

Search 'number bonds to 10 song'

Complete pirate missing numbers



Hi all

We are doing mathslympics in our class. Children need to complete 22 sums in 5 minutes. Once they get 100% 3 times in a row they continue to the next level.

We are starting on red level  which is number bonds for 10 addition and subtraction.

Next level is 2 times tables.