Tree identification

17th March 2015


This afternoon Year One Mrs Elsom joined us on a tree hunt. We have talked about the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees. The children enjoyed examining leaves and looking at the different bark on the trees. Every child had a clipboard and a tree identification sheet. 


IMG 0567   IMG 0568 IMG 0572IMG 0573  IMG 0574

Red Nose Day

Year one have made such an effort for Red Nose Day. 

IMG 0805 IMG 0807  IMG 0808

IMG 0809  IMG 0810  IMG 0811   IMG 0814  IMG 0815   IMG 0820

Phonics with Mr Grant

Mr Grant taught phonics today. He introduced the new grapheme "ai," but a sound they are used to as they already know the split diagraph "a-e," as in make, and "ay," as in day. The children created a sentence using the new grapheme 'ai.'

IMG 0800  IMG 0801  IMG 0803