Phonic test - next week

Look out for a bumper bundle of phonic information. All children will be tested next week - individually with Myself. Mrs Mann

homework and spellings for 7.6.18

Group 1

read weak team peach cheat feed

keep queen seem need

group 2

bleach steam clean treat speak sheep

bleed sleep green sweet

group 3

peanut treacle weave stream  grease

geese screen sleeve sneeze coffee

homework and spellings for test 24.5.18

Hi  Enjoy the long weekend

Homework this week will be a different phonics test. The score is approx.32

Spellings are:

Group 1

Mule Luke huge tune pure

said went they me she

Group 2

Hugely tunefully said went they

Useful evening delete theme scene

Group 3

Absolutely tunefully

Obscene severe adhere persevere Chinese