On Thursday 23rd October 2014, we will be holding a talent show to demonstrate Year One's talents. Our audience will be the other members of the Year One class.


We are asking for each child to prepare a small ‘talent’ for next week. This could be a short dance, a forward roll, telling jokes, a magic show etc. Every child in Year One is special and has their own personal talents. Please help your child to find theirs over the weekend.


Sports Person of the week.

IMG 0555




 Three children have received trophies for 'sports person' of the week this week. They have worked so hard to achieve these awards.

It was a tough decision as all of Year 1 are fantastic at dance.


IMG 0472

IMG 0474Year one have been learning to use some of their senses to explore Autumn. We have been using the sense of sight, smell and touch to explore our outdoor area for signs of Autumn.

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