Sorting shapes

Year One have enjoyed sorting coins into a table today. First they had to sort coins according to their shape and then by their colour. All children were actively involved and they showed great enthusiasm in their sorting tasks.

IMG 0539


Some children managed to complete their work and undertake the extension activity of making a toy out of the shapes they had been using for the sorting activity.

IMG 0545

Children In Need


Year One made a tremendous effort with their costumes this year. We have enjoyed raising money for children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Here is a photo of the Super Year One class.

IMG 0485

Thank you to all of the parents, the costumes really are amazing. The children enjoyed getting into character.

IMG 0488  IMG 0489  IMG 0490

Year one managed to fill a giant Pudsey Bear picture with pennies thanks to the generosity of their parents.

IMG 0500


Art and Craft Club


Children from Year One are enjoying their Art and Craft Club run by Mrs Posaner. Today we are doing printing.  It is lovely that the club has extra help.

IMG 0472