Phonics in the Spring Term

In the Autumn Term, your child will have learnt one way in which each long vowel sound is written (Set 2 sounds). In the Spring Term they are learning their Set 3 speed sounds and are taught that there are more ways in which the same sounds are written, e.g. ee as in tree and ea as in tea. Set 3 speed sounds reading will be taught for most of this year. It takes some time for this information to be fully understood by your child. There are 20 Set 3 ‘speed sounds’ that are made up of two or three letters which represent just one sound, e.g. ea as in tea, ow as in cow and are as in care. As before, it is important that your child does not pronounce these as 2 or 3 separate sounds. When your child sees the ‘speed sound’ letters together in a word, s/he must say just one sound for these letters. When your son/daughter learns their Set 3 sounds in school they will learn:

  • the letters that represent a speed sounds e.g. ea.
  • a simple picture prompt linked to the ‘speed sound’ and a short phrase to say e.g. cup of tea.

Every speed sound has a list of green words linked to it, so your son/daughter can ‘sound out’ and ‘sound blend’ words containing the new speed sound they have just learnt, for example s-p-oil - spoil. Please help your child to learn both the sound and the short prompt phrase that accompanies it by reinforcing it at home.

Set 3 sounds and phrases are listed below. 

ea: cup of tea

oi: spoil the boy

a-e: make a cake

i-e: nice smile

o-e: phone home

u-e: huge brute

aw: yawn at dawn

are: share and care

ur: purse for a nurse

er: a better letter

ow: brown cow

ai: snail in the rain

oa: goat in a boat

ew: chew the stew

ire: fire fire!

ear: hear with your ear

ure: sure it’s pure?

tion: (celebration) tious / cious: (scrumptious / delicious

e: he me we she be

The Toy Museum


Year one had a lovely time at Toy Museum on Wednesday with Mrs Lesser, Mrs Posaner and Mr Grant. They enjoyed the puppet show, making toy dolls, dancing like a robot and visiting the toy museum. Mrs Poole wished she had been well enough to go with them but has heard all about it from the children.


image1 2 image3 2     image3 1image2 1image1 4


Year One have produced some amazing homework. They were asked to make a toy over the holidays and the toys they have produced are outstanding. I thought we should share them with you. 

IMG 0431      IMG 0430 IMG 0434   IMG 0435 IMG 0447   IMG 0452