homework and spellings 20.4.18

Eventually we will be doing our class assembly on 11th may - information will follow

Can children bring in boxes etc to make a shelter for Pingu the penguin in Antarctica

Spellings for test on 26th April

Group 1

bay day hay jay lay pay

ray say stay way

Group 2

bray clay play pray

slay stray sway




Group 3

crayon display holiday spray stray






Pingu needs a home

To all parents

Please can you send in empty  cereal boxes, plastic containers, basically anything we can make a home for Pingu the penguin.

Thanks for your help

homework and spellings for 13.4.18


Thanks for all your kind wishes.

Homework is to read a practice Phonics screening. Half are alien words, the other half are real words. Can the children put some of the real words into sentences.

Spellings for test on 19.4.18

Group 1 Words

ape ate bake cake 

game safe fame  

Group 2 Words

cage page face blame

chase  shape skate 

Group 3 Words

amaze escape decade invade blame

brigade behave parade scrape