Mrs Owen's group 7.3.19 spellings and homework

Mrs Owen’s spellings and homework


Use the instructions and template given to make a 3-D dog. Card has been given to children although they can use their own materials and decorate their dog any way they would like to.

Only children who have handed their homework in this week have been given the instruction pack. Parents can come to collect this from me on Tuesday 12th March with the missing homework from this week!

ew       ue       u-e

1.   steward

2.  crew

3.  different

4.  tune

5.  cubes

6.  amused

7.  explore

8.  brute

9.  experiment

10. listen

11.  screened

12. America

13. celebration

14. aeroplane

15. airport

16. dew

17. due

18. Jewish

19. fewer

20.            ewer