homework and spellings for 15.2.18


Hay bay take sale  bail  whale  tray


Snake  shake  whale   snail  trail  scale  Spain


Snake  shake  whale   snail  trail   Spain  daisies   sustain halfway  decayed

homework this week is a research question about the U.K.

Please help your child to learn

The daffodil dance.

Early one spring

Purely by chance

I happened to witness the daffodils dance

They stopped when they saw me

And stole me a glance

But soon carried on with their daffodil dance

In bright yellow top hats and splendid green pants

They all knew the steps to the daffodil dance

Fancy fandango

Hints of romance

A whimsical wonderful daffodil dance

And all the years since I’ve met many fine plants

But none dance as well as the daffodils dance




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Our assembly is on 2 March