Year 4 persuasive writing

In Year 4 this week we have been learning about persuasive writing. The pupils have learnt about the different features of persuasive writing, and have begun to research information about zoos ready for writing their persuasive argument. Look out for some examples of work soon! 

16.02.18 Insect sculptures


This week Year 4 have been creating their very own insect sculptures inspired by  Louise Bourgeois. 

They created the bodies using paper mâché and then when they were dry painted them to look like their chosen insect.

The finished sculptures really do look amazing! 


IMG 1786


IMG 1757



IMG 1756

Friday 9th February

This week Year 4 have enjoyed learning about internet safety from the Streetwise team. We learnt about how to stay safe online and created a list of rules. The pupils were all advised to display the list of rules at home to remind them of how to stay safe when they are on the internet.


In Art next week (the week beginning 12th February) we will be using newspaper, if you have any spare newspapers you can send in on MONDAY 12th February that would be great.