The many ways to make a puppet!

Children in Years 4 and 5 have been creating exquisit puppets out of felt or wooden spoons! This was another of our activities in school during our special fun day to celebrate Purim!


Y5 1       Y5

Purim/World Book Day

Some amazing characters joined us today in Year Four!

Children loved sharing the Purm story and making books with their Year One partners.IMG 0011 IMG 0012 IMG 0013


IMG 0014  IMG 0015 

Hamantashen Fun!

Year Four invited visitors to help them make Hamantashen for Purim.

                          The end result was delicious!


  IMG 0007    IMG 0013  IMG 0017


  IMG 0009  IMG 0010  IMG 0011


IMG 0012  IMG 0021  IMG 0002


IMG 0019  IMG 0018