Bosworth Field trip

On Thursday 20th October, Year 4 visited Bosworth Field to learn about when the Romans came to Britain. The day started with a talk about the centre and why it was such an important area. Splitting the class into groups, each group had an activity to complete.

On the first table they wrote their names using Roman letters. This was done by using a feather quill, blotting paper and ink.

Secondly, they had to look at some artefacts which were found on the Bosworth Field site to see  if the pieces belonged to a Roman house or pottery. This was completed with pictures of whole objects, as most of the artefacts  were small fragments of the real item.

The third table was to dress up into Roman clothes, look at their jewellery and what the soldiers would wear too. 

The fourth table was to make a pottery piece called a 'votive'. They sculpted a part of their body which they wanted to heal: ears, eyes, hands and feet, as the Romans thought if they made a votive, they would get better quickly.   

After lunch Year 4 went outside to do some  role-playing. Each child was given a shield and helmet and had to march in rows until, on command they had to line up in a defensive stance to repel attacking soldiers. A few children were able to try on replicas of the Roman soldiers uniform, which was very heavy and bulky.   

The final session was  about how Romans lived. Their favourite part of the day was to  play a game with stones called 'three in a row'. A great day was had by all of Year 4 and we hope this information will be used in their topic work about the Romans.

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Year 4 Cooking

On Thursday Year 4 had their cooking in the Master Chef Hub.They were making cheese and tomato pizza.  The class was split into three groups of ten children. 

First they mixed together the flour, oil, water and salt. Next, they kneaded the mixture into a ball. On a flat surface they flattened out onto circles and placed onto baking trays. Then they spread tomato puree all over the base. Meanwhile some children sliced up tomatoes. They were then arranged on top of the tomato puree on the base. Breaking up some cheese to place on the top of the finished pizza and sprinkling with herbs.

The pizza was cooked on 160 oC for twenty minutes. Absolutely delicious!!

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A New Year Begins!

A big welcome to to the new children in Year Four. Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning! Mrs Lewis.