Thursdays' Craft Club

The children that come to Thursday's craft club have made a cushion using a method called batik.  The children had to find a design then copy it on the squared paper making the drawing three times bigger. Using tracing paper they traced their design, they turned the tracing paper over and traced again; they then placed this on to material and retraced their design yet again.  Next they used hot wax to go over their design for the last time. Once the wax had dried the children used fabric ink to colour their design.  The cushions were then ironed to remove the wax, stuffed and sewed.  


IMG 6271      IMG 6273

IMG 6269     IMG 6272


'Quake hits Year Four Classroom!

Year Four pupils at King David School were shocked today to find that an earthquake of magnitude 4.3 on the Richter Scale had affected their classroom.

Their teacher said that she was so thankful that it had happened while the children were out at play and that there were no casualties.

20160211 105703   20160211 105643

The first time that the children became aware of the earthquake was when they had to cross the security line to access their classroom to assess the damage. There were shocked faces as the children took in the scene of devastation before them.


  IMG 0018  20160211 110155 IMG 0020


Children were able to reflect on how it must feel to be really involved in an earthquake situation whilst the teachers set to the task of putting the room back together.

It is the culmination of the first part of 'Our Wonderful World' (sometimes extreme world) topic combined with English, features used in journalistic report writing. All that remains is for the children to write a fabulous newspaper report about the earthquake tomorrow!






Soda Bread

Today was Year Four's turn in the Kosher Kitchen again. Thinking about healthy living, we made soda bread from wholemeal flour. The children were interested to see the chemical reaction occuring when they added the cider vinegar to the dry ingredients which included bicarbonate of soda. Most relished the idea of getting their hands in the bowl to combine the sticky ingredients into a doughy ball to knead on the floured board.

20160128 102639 - Copy 20160128 102652 - Copy 20160128 102701 - Copy

20160128 102725 - Copy 20160128 113444 - Copy 20160128 113451 - Copy

20160128 113456 - Copy 20160128 113500 - Copy 20160128 114044 - Copy

20160128 114053 - Copy 20160128 114105 - Copy 20160128 114237 - Copy

20160128 114330 - Copy 20160128 114340 - Copy 20160128 114725 - Copy

20160128 114738 - Copy 20160128 114834 - Copy 20160128 114856

20160128 141057 20160128 141121 20160128 150530

20160128 150640 20160128 15064820160128 155959

We all had a piece to eat at the end of the day, with or without jam, and the reviews were mixed!