Anglo-Saxon day

Year 4 have had a fantastic day today learning all about Anglo-Saxon life. 

We had an entertaining and informative visit from an Anglo-Saxon who taught the children about everyday life, the story of Beowulf, the foods that were eaten at that time and how a shield wall was formed. All the children had a brilliant day and have learnt some new and interesting facts.

Some of our favourite facts of the day:

Did you know that the Anglo-Saxons turned dirty water into ale? 

Did you know Anglo-Saxons would scream at their enemies in a shield wall?

Did you know that Anglo-Saxons used tweezers and wooden hair combs?


IMG 0957

Year 4 Children In Need

We have had a great day today celebrating Children In Need. The children wore their headbands, and took part in various bear related activities. Thank you to everyone who donated money. 

Year 4 science 6.11.17


In Year 4 we have been learning about electrical items. We sorted items into two categories: items that use electricity and items that do not use electricity. We then learnt about which items use mains power and battery power to make them work.