Year 4 make vegetable curry!

Today in year 4 we have made delicious vegetarian curry. The pupils have had lots of fun preparing vegetables, cooking and eating the curry.

Afterwards we designed our own ready meal curry packaging. Take a look at some of the fantastic designs!IMG 3016IMG 3017

Kenning Poems

This week we have been learning about kenning poems. Kennings were first used in Anglo-Saxon and Norse poetry. In a kenning, an object is described in a two-word phrase, such as 'whale-road' for 'sea'. 

Here are some of our kenning poems. Can you guess what they are about? 

IMG 2985IMG 2981IMG 2984

Anglo-Saxon shields D&T

This week we have been creating Anglo-Saxon shields. The children thought carefully about their designs and then selected the materials to create them.

Well done Year 4 they all look amazing! 


IMG 2974