School Concert

As you may be aware we are performing in the concert next week. for the concert year 4 need to have a black outfit consisting of the following; black trousers or leggings, black skirt (girls) and a black t-shirt (can be oversized with a belt if someone older has a t-shirt that can be used). I appr4eciate the short notice but we need to have their clothes in school for Monday8th July. I hope to meet you all at the concert.

Canal Visit


As you are aware we are visiting the canals to study our rich transport system. However, we have not received all of the money for the bus fare. Could you please pay money into school account by Monday. Thank you. I look forward to hearing all of the children's chatter during and after the visit.


Mrs Edwards

Eid Celebrations

Over the past two days the children have been celebrating Eid and I hope you have enjoyed being with your families and enjoying the festivities. However, the rest of the class have been having fun through their curriculum by solving mysteries and discovering codes. This has been taught through mathematics where the children had to use and apply their knowledge and understanding in order to solve the problems. In English, SPAG problems have been used to strengthen their recollection of grammatical terminology. I'm sure the children will be able to explain how they managed to work collaboratively in teams.

Tomorrow we return to regular curriculum and I hope the children will enjoy this term's work about canals and the industrial revolution.