Year 5 are doing really well in their mathletics lessons. Each week they have to earn 1000 points towards a certificate in school. However, if they don't achieve this amount during their lesson time they are required to complete as part of their homework. Each child is rewarded with house points for each certificate they receive, and bonus points for first, second and third highest scores in the class. As much as possible the tasks set each week are running inline with lessons in class. The top three children are

100 4207 100 4208 100 4209

Visit to Year 5

Next week we will be having a visitor coming to work with the children in Year 5 on poetry. He will be taking groups of children and working with them, helping them to read and understand different poems. Our visitor has travelled all the way from Brazil to work with us so we are very lucky to have been chosen. I am looking forward to discussing the workshops with the children during the week.

Year 5 trip

On Tuesday Year 5 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham. It was a fantastic day with lots to see and do. We were introduced to Chris who told us all about how to live in Space - apparently you do have to be careful not to get biscuit crumbs into the instrument panel! We also found out about how to use a space toilet safely (these things are very important) Jeremy and Jamal tried on a space suit and really looked the part. We were also able to wander around and look at the exhibits. Priya and her friends 'designed' aliens to suit certain planetary conditions and some of the other children directed a model Mars Rover around the surface of Mars. 

The children all had a great time and we will definately visit again.