Play Leaders

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On Thursday 2nd October, 12 children from Year 5 went to the Billesley Tennis Centre for Play Leader trainning.To be a Play Leader they will be responsible for organising small games or activities for other pupils in the school at break times ( and lunch times, should they wish to ). Play Leaders will be responsible for looking after equipment by giving it out and collecting it in. The Play Leaders will promote the'spirit of the games'with the children and encourage them to join in with the activities.

The Play Leaders will also be able to earn certificates throughout the year. They can reward children with stickers and house points. 

Year Five

Mrs Nash is the class teacher for Year Five. She is supported by Mrs Suhai.

Year Five is in the Upper Phase. Mrs Nash is the Upper Phase Co-ordinator, overseeing the teaching and learning taking place in Years Four, Five and Six.