School Volley Ball Competition


What an exciting day at King David School today. The school held a 'sit down volley ball competition'.  Each class was split into teams of five or six. They played volley ball for ten minutes, in which they had to score as many points as possible. The team with the highest amount of points went onto play the class in their section.

Year5 - Year6

Year3 - Year4

  Year1 - Year2 

The atmoshere was amazing, with each class shouting and cheering on their classmates. Good sportsmanship and excellent behaviour both on and off court made it a fantastic competition. There are photographs on our school web site and twitter. 

A huge than you to our Bronze Ambassadors who helped to organise and referee the games. 

World Book Day

What a fantastic morning. With the whole school dressed up for World Book Day, the atmoshere has been amazing. Staff have dressed up in the Peter Pan theme. The school pairs up the classes, and year 5 paired up with year 2. The year 2 children had started writing their stories in their English lessons. Year 5 then helped them to finish them and turn them into story books. They worked hard on the writing, with year 5 supporting, as they have been writing character descriptions in their English lessons. Have a look at some of the story books that they have produced.


100 3928  100 3929  100 3930

100 3931  100 3932  100 3933 

100 3934  100 3935  100 3936

100 3937  100 3938  100 3939 

100 3940  100 3941  100 3942 

100 3953  100 3952  100 3951 

100 3950 100 3949 100 3948 


Play Leaders

Today King David Primary School went to the play leaders' refresher course at the Billesley Tennis Centre. As one of our play leaders is new ( to replace a child who has left us ) to play leading, it was great for him to see how all the other schools work together and what excellent skills some of the other children have. There were great examples of leadership skills - a great session was had by all.  

IMG 5933